The asylum interview

You will receive by mail a summons  to an interview at the
French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA in French) .

You must go there on the date, time and at the address indicated on the summons.
vous allez recevoir une convocation
During the interview, a person called a “protection officer” will ask you questions. The questions may relate in particular to:
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your region of origin
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your family
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your journey to France
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your fears if you return to your country of origin
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officier de protection

The protection officer is there to decide if you are eligible for asylum.

Your legal representative  is present during the interview. If necessary, an interpreter will also be there to translate the discussion.


Everything said during the interview is confidential. No information will be transmitted to your country of origin.
tout ce qui est dit est confidentiel
You can request that the protection officer and interpreter preferably be a woman rather than a man, or the other way round.

It is very important to prepare for this interview with adults.

la décision est envoyée
After the interview, the OFPRA will make a decision on your asylum application. This decision will be sent to your legal representative (or to you if you are over 18 years old).

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