Who are the asylum stakeholders?

During your asylum application, you will have discussions with different people.

Your legal representative

votre représentant légal

This is an adult who represents you and accompanies you during your asylum application.

At the Single asylum seeker’s office (GUDA in French)

Le Guichet Unique des demandeurs d’asile
Agents from the Prefecture and the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) are present at the GUDA to receive asylum seekers.

The GUDAs are located in some prefectures. This is where your asylum application will be registered.
See the map of the GUDAs in France

A protection officer

Un officier de protection  

You meet this person during your
interview at OFPRA  . The protection officer will ask you questions to understand your story and your situation. Its purpose is to determine whether or not you can qualify for asylum.

The judges of the CNDA

La Plateforme d’accueil pour demandeurs d’asile

If your asylum application is rejected by
OFPRA (or if you are granted subsidiary protection and not refugee status), you can challenge this decision before the National Court of Asylum (CNDA).
Judges will then try to understand your story and your situation. They may overturn the OFPRA decision and grant you protection, or they may confirm the decision.

Your lawyer

Votre avocat
You may sometimes be accompanied by a lawyer. Their role is to advise and help you throughout your asylum application.


The information you provide is confidential. It will never be transmitted to the authorities in your country of origin.
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