What is asylum?

qu'est ce que l'asile
Applying for asylum means asking France to protect you because you are afraid to go back to your country of origin.

You can apply for asylum regardless of your age, your country of origin and the person responsible for making you fearful (the authorities in your country of origin, a group of people, relatives, members of your family, etc.).

You don't need an identity document in order to apply for asylum. 
You don’t need to have formal evidence of the danger you fear either.

Who can be protected?

qui peut etre protégé
You can be protected if you have a fear of going back to your country of origin (fear of experiencing violence, threats or the like).
pourquoi demander l'asile

Why seek asylum?

If your asylum request is accepted, it means that France recognizes your need to be protected.

You will be entitled to a residence permit (10 years or 4 years). This residence permit is renewable. It allows you to stay on French territory and to work.


If your asylum application is accepted, you will not be able (with some exceptions) to return to your country of origin. If you do, you risk losing your protection. You can travel to any other country, including countries neighboring your home country.

The asylum procedure can take several months. It is often necessary to wait between 5 months to 1 year or more before obtaining a decision.
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