Writing and sending the file

You must complete in French the asylum application form   that was given to you at the GUDA.
It must be signed by your legal representative .
le formulaire de demande d'asile
You should also write a story in French that explains why you left your country and why you are afraid to return. It is important that an adult help you write this story.
écrire un récit qui explique
voie postale
The form, your written story and the documents indicated on the form must be sent to the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA in French) by post  (within 21 days maximum after delivery of the asylum application certificate).

It is recommended that you send the file by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and to make photocopies of all documents.
If you have physical evidence that confirms your story (photos, identity papers, etc.), you can add them to the file.
des preuves matérielles
After receiving your file, if it’s complete, Ofpra will send you a letter of introduction . This document is important and must be kept by you.
une lettre d'introduction

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